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Styling Studio :


Stylists mainly works on the functional aspect of design, creating forms and volumes that meet production needs. Designers work by taking aesthetics along with ergonomics consideration so as to reduce complexity during mass production. 

Design cycle starts with client’s need which is then followed by styling research, freehand sketches for exteriors as well as interior components for a vehicle of different segments. The research study consists of numerous design iterations based upon market research.

Styling Capabilities : 

  • Computer Aided Styling ( CAS ) & Class-A surfacing

  • Whole exterior body development.

  • All interior parts i.e instrument panel, dashboard and center console, door trims.

  • Project management throughout the process, from sketch drawing to clay modelling & tooling

  • Reflection analysis and ergonomic compensation using virtual reality

  • Interaction with the new vehicle using virtual reality

  • Cockpit simulation using virtual reality

  • Providing data for creating a milled model (1:1)


Model-shop :

After completing pre-feasibility study, when the client wants to experience the real scale model, the Model-shop Department comes to action. With the expertise & experience we have in modelling, the modellers apply their craftsmanship by using various materials like FRP, MDF, Ceba, Clay, and endless list of materials to produce visually elegant surface model.

Model-shop Capabilities :

  • Exterior volumetric models/Proportion models for visualisation of virtual models, generally made in 1:1 scale in various materials like FRP, MDF, Clay, 3D Printing etc.

  • Interior volumetric models for visualization ofvirtual models and finalizing the ergonomic perspective of the package, made in 1:1 scale in several materials.

  • Running Exterior Models: For analyzing the exterior style of models at 1:1 scale, in motion

  • Aero Models: Physical models for aerodynamic wind tunnel tests made mostly in clay


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