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3D MAGIC is here to support you with a comprehensive Tooling capability. Whatever your needs we can assist you with Rapid, Prototype & Pre-Series Tooling, Low Volume Tooling or Production Tooling, along with a range of Tooling Support Services. From tool maintenance, refurbishment, modification or calibration we’ve got it covered for you. 
3D MAGIC has acquired an extensive tooling capability backed up by a team of people, with a positive attitude, who have the skills and technical knowledge you can rely on, Thanks to the long and established history. We can provide you with tools of different size and profile. Reach to us and we will fulfil all your expectations in innovation, responsiveness, price, lead time and quality

3D MAGIC works with a diverse range of clients from various sectors of industry. These include but are not limited to: Automotive, Transportation, Packaging, and Consumer Products.

3D MAGIC is also able to provide you with LOW VOLUME TOOLS AND PRODUCTION TOOLS in different technologies to meet your needs. 

  • Press Tools

  • Injection Tooling

  • SMC/BMC Moulds

  • Silicone Mould

  • RTM Moulds

  • Aluminium die casting tools

  • Composite tools

Rapid Prototyping & Pre-Series tooling :

Rapid Tooling service at 3D Magic is designed to provide you with quality tools, in the shortest possible timescales, without compromising the quality. With just everything right you’ll be in the right place to introduce your concept to market. 
The Tooling specialist from 3D Magic thoroughly understands the needs of the client, then they chalks down the work process with the project management team.


This process is followed by the team to manufacture tools. After the acceptance of our offer, we finalise the design and analyse the data for manufacturing. Then we set the standards and start building the tool to meet the customers requirement. Then the tool is sent to trail and inspection of tool is done, following which the tool is sent to customer for approval. Then if any additional components are required to be mounted and is sent to supplier. 

This service from 3D Magic is specifically designed to deliver parts in the shortest possible timescales. So, if speed of delivery is what you are looking for, this production process may be exactly what you need.

Production tooling : 

Looking for a Tooling Provider? If so we can support you every step of the way 3D MAGIC has acquired considerable experience in supporting clients in the Automotive, Aerospace, Transportation, Consumer Products and Leisure market sectors, to name a few. This means you can be confident we'll have the expertise to meet even the most challenging of tooling requirements. 

With the experience 3D Magic has gained by serving the clients from various clients from Automotive, Aerospace, Transportation, Consumer Products to name but a few. Be confident we have the expertise to meet even the most challenging of tooling requirements.

We manufacture a wide range of tools :

Thanks to our centre of competences, we manufacture according to your needs from small, rapid tools to large tools in low, medium and high volumes using a variety of the following technologies: 

  • Press Tools

  • Blow Moulding Tools

  • Silicone Moulding

  • Aluminum die casting tools

  • Precision, Multi Cavity, Twin Shot, Over Moulding Capability

  • RTM Moulds

  • Injection Tooling (in steel or in aluminum)

  • Foundry Tools

  • Forming tools

  • Composite tools

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