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Engineering Design :

We are your companion for all engineering aspects.
The vast experience in the field of design helps us offer the best possible support to the product design and development.

We offer services, right from concept phase till the end of production phase. Thanks to years of experience which helped us to develop highly efficient and innovative solutions for our customers, saving time and money.


 Services we offer :

  • Development of concepts and feasibility studies

  • Functional model creation and Prototyping

  • Functional and Kinematic analysis

  • Design space examinations/Packaging

  • Design, detailling and drafting

  • Geometric integration

  • Development of components and systems

  • InterfaceCoordination

  • Tolerance analyses

  • Series production support


  • Instrument panel

  • Central console

  • Floor console

  • Door panels

  • Cover parts

  • Functional integration of components

  • Switch systems

  • Acoustic components

  • Trunk linings


  • Body-in-white

  • Doors, lift-gates and trunk lids

Chassis :

  • Complete Chassis assembly

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