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Pre - Series Centre :

3D MAGIC can support clients with a wide variety of low volume and series production solutions for plastics, metals, and composites components. 
With the range of services 3D Magic can provide, the client has an option to choose service for project in a particular area or we are here to support you in every stage.

3D MAGIC is able to provide:

  • Part development (design, calculation, feasibility, product analysis, specification, surface treatment…)

  • Process development (e.g. gluing, punching, chroming, painting )

  • Packaging (logistics support )


With Hydraulic Press machines in house ranging from 60 to 300 tons and injection moulding machines ranging from 80 to 2000 tons with our associates we can satisfy most low volume or pre-series production requirements, as well as associated downstream processes such as: Priming and Colour Painting, Chrome plating, Welding, Bonding, Assembly… 

The range of solutions 3D Magic offers we can suggest the best suitable process for a low volume production.
We serve a wide range of industry sectors from Automotive, Agriculture, Aerospace, Medical, Consumer products, Leisure, Packaging, and Transportation for example.

Our clients are not only limited to Automotive Industry, we also cater various industries in other sector like Agriculture, Aerospace, Automation, Medical, Consumer products, Packaging, and Transportation.

Our quality teams follow your project at every stage of its development and adhere to strict quality procedures and protocols as governed by many industry standards and certification bodies, such as ISO 9001:2015. With To ensure the quality is maintained during all the stages of development we follow certification of ISO-9007:2015 & we adhere to quality procedures and protocols as governed by many industrial standards.

Part / Component Development :

3D Magic’s first step to assist the client’s is with is the development of their component(s) to ensure suitability for low volume production. 
With the experience in all the aspects of the product development process allows us to identify and integrate production solutions at the earliest opportunity of the project. 3D MAGIC can advise clients with:

Part Design, Functional Analysis : 

3D MAGIC can support clients with Part Design services such as:

  • Specifications – e.g. materials, manufacturing process

  • Product analysis for part design optimisation – e.g. function, dimension, aspect, technology and validation

  • Support in technology transfer: cost aspects and quality improvements, functions expansion from stamping to injected plastics.

  • Technical and Cost feasibility


Part Analysis & Optimisation, Calculation & Feasibility studies 

3D MAGIC can assist in validating the client’s specification, by providing the following studies: 

  • Stress and Strain Finite Element Analysis

  • filling

  • mechanical resistance

  • deformation (warping)

Part control and approval :

During the development phase, 3D Magic designs and uses checking fixtures to meet our clients expectations and needs. 
Homologation tests can be offered according to the customers’ needs and the type of parts to be developed and produced.

In-house Packaging Design :

As part of the supply chain process, 3D MAGIC can even design and develop in-house all logistical packaging and containers for onward transportation.
In-house Finishing, Painting and Texturing capability 3D MAGIC can also provide a range of in-house or outsourced finishing solutions to provide our clients with that very specific look and feel.

At 3D MAGIC we also like to analyse, anticipate and provide solutions for our client’s future logistics and supply chain management needs.

Process Development :

At the very first phase of development, 3D Magic takes into account type of finish customer requires in order to deliver best available solution for their product.

3D MAGIC has a numerous finishing capabilities that can be performed in-house, and also we have partnered with some of the well know companies in this segment and established network of reliable external partners who have been identified and selected to provide a more unique, specialist finish.

In-house Finishing, Painting, Texturing, Assembly, Bonding and Welding. 
The endless list of in-house finishing operations and surface treatments we offer at 3D Magic helps the customer choose the right process saving the development time. 

These include:

  • Assembly

  • Polishing

  • Painting & Texturing

  • Screen Printing

  • Gluing, sticking

  • Marking

  • Punching


Outsourcing: Chrome plating

Thanks to its approved network of suppliers, 3D MAGIC can propose outsourced solutions for the surface treatment or finishing with: 

  • Chroming

  • Varnishing

  • Texturing


During this important development phase our quality team play an integral role in supporting designers, project managers and the production department to ensure component quality.

Packaging and Logistics :

Before starting production, 3D MAGIC always considers the best logistical options in order to deliver the client’s components in the right way, at the right time, to the right place and for the right price.

Packaging development :

3D MAGIC defines the type of packaging to be used for part delivery.

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