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CAE & Simulation :

The extensive expertise we have in the fields of CAE, through which we can validate your product by virtual validation.Tight development time-lines and ambitious performance wish list makes it necessary to use effective CAE tools and experienced specialists. Our CAE expertise ensure maximum reliability in virtual simulation. Whether it is CAE-driven component development, Weight optimisation or complex system analysis, you know when you come to us that you're in safe hands.


 Area of expertise :

  • Stiffness and Strength Analysis

  • Fatigue strength and service life

  • Strength/Rigidity/Durability Evaluation

  • Fatigue life determination

  • Endurance limit evaluation

  • Dynamic Analysis

  • Natural frequency and Mode shapes Evaluation

  • Critical mode detection

  • Parametric/Shape/Weight Optimisation

  • Design of Experiments

  • Material Selection

  • Solver Deck Preparation

  • Meshing with suggested QC and limits

  • Harmonic Response Analysis

  • Frequency Response Analysis

  • Random Vibration Response determination

  • Thermal Analysis

  • Mechanism Synthesis

  • Vehicle Topple

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